Call for suggestions for RAS Specialist Discussion Meetings 2021-22 (Deadline 1 March 2021)

The RAS invites suggestions from Fellows of the RAS who wish to propose (and therefore organise) Specialist Discussion meetings for the academic year beginning October 2021. Meetings are held monthly from October to May, normally on the second Friday of the month.

Please note that due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 Council has taken the decision that, as things stand, all Specialist Discussions meetings will be held virtually in the 2021–2022 season and all proposers should be prepared to organise virtual meetings during this time.

Council will consider returning to in-person meetings or hybrid meetings when such meetings can be run safely and effectively.

To help with assessment, proposals should include the following information:
- Title of meeting and organiser(s), at least one of whom should be an RAS Fellow
- The topics to be covered in the meeting
- Rationale for the meeting, including timeliness
- Suggestions for invited speakers
- Preferred date for meeting, if any

Proposals should not exceed one A4 page in length

For information, detailed guidance for meeting organisers may be found at:

Proposals for Astronomy SD meetings (including Exoplanets) should be sent to Mandy Bailey ( and proposals for Geophysics SD meetings (including Solar, Solar Terrestrial and Planetary Physics) should be sent to Mark Lester ( The deadline for receipt of proposals is 1st March 2021.


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Submitted by Siobhan Adeusi on Fri, 08/01/2021 - 11:52