MHD Oscillations And Waves From The Photosphere To The Corona

Magneto-acoustic waves in a dark cavity
Magneto-acoustic waves in a dark cavity
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The presence of MHD oscillations and waves in the solar atmosphere is now unquestionable. Whether it be kink waves in coronal loops or running penumbral waves around sunspots, MHD oscillations and waves are plentiful identifiable in a range of data, both ground-based and space-borne. However, it is still an open question as to whether these oscillations and waves are capable of supplying the energy budget required to heat the solar atmosphere from temperatures of the order of 10^3 K in the photosphere to multi-million degrees both in the quiet-Sun regions and active corona. In this Discussion Meeting, we will cover the recent massive advancements made in the understanding of magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) waves in the solar atmosphere, from the photosphere to the corona. This will encompass all of the three fundamental pillars of solar physics: observational, analytical, and numerical methods.

Discussions will take place around topics including but not limited to: ubiquitous intensity swirls in the lower solar atmosphere; transverse oscillations in magnetic loops - both in terms of solar magneto-seismology and dissipation mechanisms; Alfvén waves in the outer atmosphere; slow-mode MHD waves within coronal structures; and waves in light-walls. We also encourage speakers to highlight one or two interesting SUCs or specific observing sequences that would help to achieve your science with the 4-m class solar telescopes (EST or DKIST).

Jiajia Liu (Queen's Belfast)

C. Nelson (Queen’s Belfast)

R. Erdelyi (Sheffield)

Mihalis Mathioudakis (Queen’s Belfast)



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